This is me when I was 27, working in the “Baby House” on a kibbutz during the summer.
Thank goodness I like to sing. That really helped with the babies. I think I might be singing in this photo. 
More likely, I was frantically urging my finance, “Take the photo already!”
I like to joke. I love laughter. If I had it to do over again, I would try my hand at stand up comedy.
People don’t believe me when I say I’m a closet comic, as I always come off so serious. Plus I’m an introvert. But when I pull out my humorous writing, they can’t stop laughing. Maybe when my serious work is done, I’ll retire and write comedy. I hope so.
As it turns out, my interest in history, herbalism, breastfeeding and writing have given me a life I never dreamed of: that of an innovator or provocateur, as it were, in the breastfeeding establishment. And that’s what a comedian also does – shakes things up a bit by doing and saying the unexpected.
All of this was precipitated by my own experience with breastfeeding difficulties, and my discovery that there was a huge cover of silence over both low milk supply and the use of traditional foods and herbs to help mom:
  • increase supply
  • avoid colic
  • Recover from birth sooner, think more clearly, enjoy a more stable and happy mood.

For more about me, my courses, books, blogs and videos, check out www.lactogenicdiet.com (website coming soon - sign up here just below and I'll let you know when it is online)

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